Common Questions

"I find it difficult to choose the best photo. Can I send a few and have you suggest which one would make the best possible painting?"
Yes - please feel free to email me multiple photos. I will be happy to make a suggestion.

"Do you also paint the background in my photo?"
No, the background of the photo will be removed. The background of the painting will be a solid colour. A tinted paper will be used and the background left unpainted or alternatively the background can be painted a solid colour if a white paper is used. The choice will be such that the background complements the colouring of your pet.

"Can you remove my pet's collar if I prefer the painting done without it?"
Yes, that is not a problem at all.

"Can I use a photo of my completed painting on my website, Facebook, etc?"
Copyright of a painting ALWAYS remains with the artist. You are free to use images of your purchased artwork for your personal use, i.e., not for profit. It would be much appreciated if you would credit me with a link back to this website.

"How long before my painting is ready?"
The usual turnaround is about 2 weeks. Please allow a longer timeframe during the Christmas season. If it is a rush order (e.g. for a birthday gift), I will do my utmost to shorten the time. Please be assured that you will receive your painting in the agreed upon timeframe!

From Photograph to Framed Painting



PET PORTRAITS - The Ordering Process

Photograph Tips

  • Your pet photo can include both of their eyes or a profile view. Note though that an over-the-head shot looking down on the animal does not make a suitable image.
  • The photo needs to be sharp, clear and in focus.
  • Make sure no part of the animal that you wish in the final painting is missing - tip of ear, end of tail, etc.
  • Take the shot with the light or the sun behind you.
  • DO NOT use a flash! Indoor shots should have the light coming in from a large window.
  • For outdoor shots early morning and late afternoon are ideal and the camera loves overcast days with just a hint of sun. Be wary of having shadows that are too strong for they obliterate details.
  • Save the image in the highest resolution setting possible. The more detail I can see, the better the portrait will be.

Portrait Size and Pricing Guide


Image SizeStylePrice
11" x 14"Head & Shoulders$350
11" x 14"Entire Body$400
12" x 16"Head & Shoulders$375
12" x 16"Entire Body$425

The framed size of your painting with mat(s) will be approximately 16" x 20" for an image size of 11" x 14" and approximately 21" x 26" for an image size of 12" x 16".

Please note that prices are in CANADIAN Dollars.

SHIPPING COSTS are at the expense of the customer if you are unable to pick up the painting.