Fantastic Eraser with fine point

January 9, 2014 by Diane Marcotte

Fantastic Eraser for watercolour, pastels, alcohol inks, etc.

The Perfection Eraser Pencil by Faber-Castell is an eraser core in a wood-cased pencil barrel. The great thing about it is that it can be sharpened with a normal sharpener. You then have an eraser that comes to a fine point.  Their #7057 is double-ended – the pink tip is suitable for pencil, graphite and coloured pencil; the harder white tip for all types of ink.

Double-ender Eraser

Faber-Castell Perfection 7057



I cannot seem to stop myself from pressing down too hard when drawing and so I am left with pencil marks to erase.  I need something with a fine point for alcohol ink paintings when I notice pencil marks in the white areas (that were previously masked) of an inked painting.  Anything wider will rub off some of the coloured inks as well.  This eraser works perfectly!

To find a store that sells these erasers in Canada you may contact:

Faber-Castell Canada

Phone: 905-264-2034


If you do not have a local store that sells them the company sells the eraser pencils in minimum order quantity of 1 box of 12.



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