Create beautiful paintings using Alcohol Inks

December 22, 2015 by Diane Marcotte

In January 2016 I will be teaching two separate 4-week painting courses using alcohol inks – starting Jan 20th at the Oakville Art Society in Oakville, Ontario and starting Jan 21st at the Fine Arts Society of Milton in Milton, Ontario.

Are you wondering why YOU should take such a course?

• Perhaps you don’t have any painting experience
• Perhaps you think you can’t draw
• Perhaps you believe you aren’t “creative”
• Perhaps you feel you haven’t the room at home to keep supplies
• Perhaps you already paint in other mediums

What kind of art can I produce?

Let’s let pictures answer this question…

Abstract - "Burst of Fire"

Burst of Fire



But I can’t draw!

Drawing is NOT a prerequisite for this course. Simple drawings are provided of a variety of subjects which you can transfer to Yupo paper or ceramic tile. Or you may transfer your own drawing if you prefer.

But I’ve never painted or done art before!

Guess what – alcohol inks can paint themselves! You will accomplish beautiful art by just moving the inks around. There are multiple ways that you will learn to do this.

But I’m not “creative”!

Do you cook? Do crafts? Have hobbies? Like to day-dream? Do puzzles? Yup, you ARE creative.

But I haven’t room to keep lots of art supplies!

All your inks, tools, brushes, etc can be kept in one relatively small plastic container with a lid.

But I’m quite comfortable painting in watercolour (or in oils, acrylics, pastels, etc.)

Does your preferred medium allow you to produce vibrant jewel-like paintings? Or does it dry in seconds AND still allow you to reconstitute it to liquid form again? Or let you combine looseness and detail in one painting? Okay I know watercolour does allow that one. 🙂


I’d love to have you take this course.  See you there!




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