Birds Gallery - original paintings of beautiful creatures done by Diane Marcotte.

Original Paintings

The following originals are still available. Should you be interested in purchasing any of these paintings please contact me.

Cooper's Hawk - Bath Time
Size: 18" x 24" - Price: $475
Framed: 24" x 30" - Price: $550
Medium: Pastel & Coloured Pencil

Preening White Egret
Size: 11" x 14" - Price: $275
Framed: 17" x 21" - Price: $350
Medium: Coloured Pencil & Collage

Barred Owl
Size: 8.5" x 13" - Price: $175
Framed: 12" x 18" - Price: $250
Medium: Alcohol Ink on Yupo

Out for a Morning Swim
Size: 10" x 6" - Price: $125
Medium: Alcohol Ink on Yupo


25 of my most popular paintings are available as prints from my FINE ART AMERICA site. For your convenience I now have an Online Shopping Cart where you can browse the prints I have for sale. Ordering can be done without leaving my site. Please note that all orders come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from Fine Art America.

If you prefer a print of a painting not currently on the FAA website I can upload it for you so that you may make your purchase. Please contact me.

BIRDS Gallery

  • Cooper's HawkCooper's Hawk
  • Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron
  • White EgretPreening White Egret
  • KingfisherKingfisher
  • PeacockPretty Peacock
  • Tricolored HeronTricolored Heron
  • Barred OwlBarred Owl
  • The ConversationThe Conversation
  • Swan and cignetsOut for a Morning Swim
  • ChickadeeChickadee
  • Majestic CrowMajestic Crow
  • Pensive SwanPensive Swan