December 13, 2013 by Diane Marcotte

Photo of Diane MarcotteWelcome to my blog!

 I started painting when my first child was just a baby.  I shan’t tell you how many years ago that was!  Then life’s responsibilities took over and my oil paints dried up and my brushes went brittle.  I had painted a seascape which hung over our fireplace for a few years, but I had made the mistake of using a white paint that yellowed with age.  Yellow sea foam just doesn’t cut it!

 When I retired from a banking career I had the time to devote to painting.  Having always admired watercolour paintings I embarked on learning all that I could about this wonderful medium.  I bought books, watched DVDs, took a few art classes and fell in love.  So I bought paints, brushes, various weights of paper and plunged right in.  Then I noticed that some artists were doing ‘mixed media’ paintings.  What have I been missing I asked myself? 

 Pastels and acrylics didn’t really interest me so what other medium might I investigate? Then I watched an online video on Pan Pastels.  Hmm, I had to try them out… and I loved them!  In fact I do my Pet Portraits solely in this medium.   

 I realized it is never too late to try something new or change the way you’ve been doing something.  All painting mediums consist of pigment mixed with a binding agent.  They deliver the colour to the substrate in different manners.  At some point in my daily forays into the art world online I came across Alcohol Inks.  Something new to try… and sure enough I was hooked.  Their jewel-like tones are simply beautiful.  And they help me to loosen up and get some movement in my paintings.  That’s a good thing!

 I recently uploaded a new website – dianemarcotte.com – to showcase my art.  And I got to thinking that I had learned a lot about various aspects of art and painting over the years so wouldn’t it be fun to start a blog and share all sorts of things with my fellow artists.  I do hope you find my posts of interest to you.  I’d love to read your comments and hear any suggestions.  The Navigation Bar at the very top of this page has links to my ‘About’ and my ‘Contact’ pages as well as a link to my website.  Please visit! 

 My first post will be published shortly.  It profiles Linda Kemp, an artist extraordinaire!





  1. Lucretia says:

    Hi! I “met” you through the get blogging course. Your website looks great. Congrats on getting your blog up and running before year end (I’m still working to launch mine!)
    Your paintings are AMAZING. I thought I was looking at photographs. You are very talented and am glad you have taken up painting again. “Red Gerber Daisy” especially caught my eye. I feel like I can just reach out and touch it.

    • Thanks ever so much for checking out my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment. I really appreciate it. I shall watch for the launch of your blog… your topic appeals to me. By the way I love your final choice for a title! 🙂


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