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March 17, 2019 by Diane Marcotte

This painting was done on a 10″ x 10″ Gessoed Art Panel by DaVinci.

Gessoed Art Panel
DaVinci Gessoed Art Panel

I taped the raised edges with masking tape that was well burnished to prevent any leakage of resin. The colours I chose were Metallic Copper acrylic paint and three colours of mica powder – “Deep Yellow”, “Bronze” and “Aztec Gold”. I wanted a fairly monochromatic painting.


My go to resin is ArtResin. Check out their website here. My first step was to find out how much resin I needed. They have a nifty calculator at Based on my surface being 10″ x 10″ the answer came to 3oz. That is, 1.5 oz of Hardener and 1.5 oz of Resin mixed together.

I thoroughly mixed the two substances together for a full 3 minutes taking care to scrape down the sides and bottom of the plastic container. I then poured a small amount of the resin into 4 small plastic containers (three for the mica powders and one of clear resin) and a larger container for the acrylic. I added a small amount of each pigment to the resin and mixed thoroughly. It is important that your mixture is well mixed.

Colours mixed with resin

I began by spreading the different colours in a circular motion. Then I tilted the panel to get the resin to move into the corners. Where I felt the colour was too intense I added some clear resin to break it up a bit.

Dribbling the various mixes

I used my heat gun to move the resin so that it rippled.

Creating a Rippled effect

I covered the finished painting with a cardboard box to prevent dust from falling on it and allowed the painting to cure for 24 hours. I then removed the masking tape. Here’s a close-up of the final cured painting. The photograph doesn’t do it justice I’m afraid.

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