A Fun-to-Do Abstract Painting

July 19, 2016 by Diane Marcotte

Do you sometimes want to create a painting but the different stages you must go through – deciding on a topic, choosing colours, drawing the design, painting it, waiting for it to dry – deter you and so you do nothing at all?

You can put those creative juices to work and create an abstract painting in 24 hours in just 12 easy steps from start to finish.

All you need is a 6″ white ceramic tile, four colours of alcohol inks, and some plastic wrap (Saran, Cling Wrap, etc.)

Once the tile is finished and allowed to cure for at 3 days you will need to spray it with a UV protective spray. Spray 2 or 3 light coats of  “Krylon UV-Resistant Gloss Clear Acrylic Coating” to help protect against ultraviolet light damage (fading).  Original art should ALWAYS be hung away from direct sunlight.  Follow the instructions on the can. Let dry 2 hours after last coat before adding varnish.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Applying this product also prepares the surface for the varnish.  Omitting this step may cause the inks to run when applying the varnish.

There are a number of varnish products on the market that will protect the tile and give it a glossy finish. Be sure to give your tile at least 6 to 8 light coats. The important thing is to always give multiple light coats and to not use any alcohol based varnishes.

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The 12 Steps

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile placed on something to raise it.

Clean Tile

Clean Tile with Rubbing Alcohol (70% or 91%) and a paper towel.

Alcohol Ink colours

Choose your Alcohol Ink colours. I used Sunshine Yellow, Honeycomb, Ginger and Butterscotch – all Adirondack brand by Ranger.

Drop ink on tile

Generously drop the ink colours on the tile.

Add wrap & smoosh the inks

Add plastic wrap and begin to smoosh the ink. Ensure ink goes right to edges.

Finish smooshing

Continue smooshing forming hard lines and soft curves.

Tape down the wrap

Fold the wrap beneath the tile and tape in place.

Remove wrap

Wait 24 hours to dry then carefully remove wrap.

Ink in palette

Place one colour of ink in small palette.

Paint sides

Paint the sides of the tile to cover any white areas that are showing. Use a small paintbrush dipped into the ink in the palette.

Sign tile

Rotate tile if necessary to get the most pleasing design. Then sign with fine tip pen such as Micron by Pigma.

Position a plastic tub over tile that is raised to allow air circulation. Let cure for at least 3 days before varnishing.

Position a raised plastic tub over the tile to allow for air circulation. Let cure for at least 3 days before varnishing.



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