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March 7, 2016 by Diane Marcotte

With so many books and DVDs available by artists, it can be hard to determine which item could teach you valuable skills or otherwise improve your own art.

We have all bought items based simply on the beauty of a particular artist’s work hoping that somehow their talent will rub off on us if only we read their book or watch their videos. But then you find that their way of painting, although producing beautiful works, just does not correspond with your own style.

Artist Karlyn Holman (see previous post here) has many YouTube videos you can watch for free. Thus you can get a real feel of how she paints, what products she uses and whether there are certain methods you would love to incorporate into your own work. If so then buying one of her videos might be your next step.

North Light Shop has created an exclusive discount code for Karlyn’s Downloadable Videos that is available only to readers of this blog!

And because you download them directly to your computer there are no shipping costs!

They’ve set up the code DIANE to take 20% off the following videos:

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I’m sure you will find Karlyn just as enchanting as I have. I highly recommend these videos.



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