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February 25, 2019 by Diane Marcotte

This is the first of a number of blog postings using ArtResin. Resin can be used as a protective coating over art done on tiles or other hard surfaces. It can also be mixed with colorants to produce abstract paintings.

Unresined painting
The finished 6″ x 6″ tile painted with alcohol inks

In this case I had painted a 6″ x 6″ tile with alcohol inks. I sprinkled three colours of Ranger brand inks (one green and two yellows) randomly over the tile. Do NOT tilt or mix colours. Let ink set for about 15 seconds or so – will still be wet but not too runny.  Scrunch a piece of cling wrap and place over painting.  NOTE: The larger the piece of wrap the more you can crumple it.  Move the wrap around to get a pleasing composition.  Let painting (with wrap on it) dry completely – overnight is best.  No peeking!  Once dry, slowly remove cling wrap and discard.

Items needed
Other items I’ll need

I’ll need a silicone measuring cup to measure the resin and the hardener (equal parts), a plastic cup to mix the resin & hardener together, a bulls-eye level, tape (I use Sheathing Tape by Tuck Tape), a block to raise the tile (an old adding machine roll) and a torch to remove air bubbles (mine is by the Artist’s Studio Torch by ArtResin.) ArtResin have some great tutorials online that explain all steps of the process. Check out their website at – .

Art Resin
Art Resin – Resin and Hardener

I have tried other resins in the past but was always concerned about potentially toxic fumes and also whether the resin would yellow over time and thus ruin my artwork. ArtResin is totally safe, non-yellowing and easy to use.

Taped underside of tile
Taped underside of tile

No matter how careful you are to wipe off any drips that form there will be a few. When you remove the tape, these drips will come off too leaving smooth edges.

I don’t have any photos of the me actually pouring on the resin, smoothing it out, and torching the bubbles. I’m afraid I was too engrossed in the process to remember to take photos! I wore protective gloves, ensured the tile was level, stirred the resin mix (with a wooden popsicle stick) for 3 minutes being careful to not stir too quickly (makes air bubbles) and ensuring I scraped the sides and bottom of the container as I mixed. Then I poured the resin starting in the middle of tile. It is self-leveling and needed just a little push here and there with the stick. I passed the torch over the resined tile by holding it a few inches above it. There is really no need to be nervous but I found that I had to move a little closer so that I could actually see the bubbles popping. A small piece of fluff had landed on the tile which I removed with a toothpick. You have a working time of about 45 minutes so don’t hurry this part as you want the finished product to be clear and free from blemishes.

Allowing resined tile to cure
Allow resined tile to cure

It is important to protect the resined tile from dust, etc as it cures. Cover with a container that has been raised slightly on each side to allow air to flow. (I used small plastic cups turned upside down.) Leave undisturbed for at least 24 hours. Leave 72 hours in total for a full cure before affixing to IKEA wood mirror tile.

IKEA Mirror Tile - 10" x 10"
IKEA Mirror Tile – 10″ x 10″

IKEA make these solid wood tiles in Black, White, Teal and Purple. There is a hole on the reverse to hang the tile over a large nail or screw.  However it is recommended that you screw in D-rings and string wire between them. Do so BEFORE you affix your painted tile. Then center the painting over the mirror and glue it in place. I use E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive.

Resined Tile affixed to IKEA tile
Resined Tile affixed to IKEA Mirror Tile

Affix two D-rings on the reverse and thread a wire between them. Hang and enjoy!

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